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Your 6-Step #GivingTuesday Game Plan

What’s your plan for #GivingTuesday? If you haven’t started prepping, today is the perfect day to begin. In our Nonprofit 911 webinar Get Ready for #GivingTuesday, Caryn Stein, vice president of communications and content at Network for Good, shared a wealth of great tips and strategies for this annual event. Here are six steps to get rolling toward your best #GivingTuesday yet.

  1. Clearly define your goal.

First things first: Make sure you understand exactly what you expect to achieve with your #GivingTuesday campaign. Then think about how that relates to your overall year-end fundraising goals.

Everyone, including your donors, wants to rally around something big and important. A clear, big goal—like total dollars given—is important for internal planning and external communication. You might also consider putting goals around other measurable metrics, like total donors, new donors, or new recurring gifts initiated. You can plan around these goals and easily see how you’re tracking toward them in your donor management system.

  1. Identify your #GivingTuesday team.

Identify your organization’s most passionate leader, who will then begin to identify your #GivingTuesday team. Think creatively about how to fill these roles. Expand into your volunteer base. Tap into pro bono resources. Board members might help with various tasks or refer you to connections who can.

You want somebody focused on reaching out to local media or media that covers your issue area. If you have a social following, identify the people who are always sharing. Invite them to join your peer-to-peer campaign and share your cause through their networks. Finally, identify the team that will facilitate the actual giving day.

  1. Set a timeline for your campaign.

If you haven’t already started, begin your timeline now. You want to get early buy-in to involve core supporters and peg out major milestones. We have an in-depth timeline you can use in our Nonprofit Guide to a Successful Giving Day.

  1. Tap into matching funds.

We all want to get more for our money, and we’re likely to give a little bit more if we feel like we can make more impact with our gifts with a matching fund. Pairing a matching fund with a giving day also increases the sense of urgency that drives people to give on #GivingTuesday versus waiting until later in the month.

  1. Customize your donation page for #GivingTuesday.

Make sure your entire #GivingTuesday experience is branded and customized for the event. Absolute musts:

  • A clean, simple giving process
  • A mobile-ready donation page
  • Social sharing options
  • Instant thank yous and tax receipts

Not only do Network for Good donation pages have these features, but they also integrate with the donor management system, so all of the data is easily stored and accessed to help you make strategic, data-backed decisions as your campaign progresses.

  1. Start prepping your messages.

Here are some things to think about right now:

  • The right messenger. This might not be you or a board member. It could be a volunteer, donor, or beneficiary who’s willing to speak on your behalf. This powerful messenger must be believable and authentic and have a passionate and compelling story to tell.
  • A sense of urgency. You already have that—it’s #GivingTuesday!
  • Clear impact. Make sure to clearly illustrate what a gift today will mean for your cause.
  • A rock-solid call to action. You have a limited window of time for people to activate. A rock-solid call to action needs to be short, specific, and easy to do.
  • Social proof. You might also prep messages to send throughout the day to folks who haven’t yet given: “Thirty-five people on our community have already given. Won’t you join us?” Incorporate social proof into your emails, social media, blog posts, and giving page.

For even more practical tips, advice, and templates for developing your #GivingTuesday game plan, download the complete Get Ready for #GivingTuesday webinar.

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