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You’re Just Two Steps Away from Your Best. Year-End. Ever.

You’re Just Two Steps Away from Your Best. Year-End. Ever.

The year-end clock is ticking!  50% of total annual giving happens during the last three months of the year, so it’s critical to have a plan. 

At Network for Good, we believe in setting you up for success. That’s why we developed a series of interactive, custom email appeal templates to help you raise more money and save time this year-end.  

You’re just two simple steps away from your most successful year-end ever. 

Step 1: Get started with our award-winning Donor Management System today and set up your entire year-end campaign in just two hours.   

We’re here to help you do more good faster. When you make the switch to Network for Good’s all-in-one fundraising software, you’ll be ready for year-end in no time.  

To help our customers make a splash during the most charitable time of the year, our fundraising experts created a Year-End Engagement Stream that delivers real results. Even if you’ve never sent a year-end fundraising appeal, you’ll be able to set up your whole campaign in just two hours (or less!).  

How does the Year-End Engagement Stream work?

  1. Our smart system segments your donors using preset filters such as lapsed donors and those who donated last year but not yet this year. 
  2. Our year-end appeal templates guide you through creating custom fundraising asks. 
  3. Using our recommend cadences, you’ll be able to schedule your entire year-end campaign in just a few clicks.  

See how it works:

Set up your entire year-end campaign in just two hours

Step 2: Sit back and watch your campaign results roll in. 

With your whole year-end campaign already in place, there’s nothing left to do but celebrate your success and fundraising brilliance! Sending tax receipts and thanking your donors is a snap with our Donor Management System. 

How do we know these appeal templates work? Last year, our customers raised $800,000 using our foolproof year-end appeals. 

Network for Good believes in the power of small nonprofits. Our donor management system is here to save you time and improve efficiency, in order to free you up to do more good in your community. 

Want to know more? Check our special year-end offer for your best year-end ever! Contact us for a demo of our all-in-one Donor Management System.  

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