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4 Ways to Show Genuine Gratitude 

March 15, 2019

By: Linda Lombardi

Thankfulness strengthens relationships, and it’s one of the most important and impactful types of donor communication. Demonstrating your appreciation shows that you value your donors and count them as an essential part of your team. Sending tailored thank you messages creates goodwill and makes donors more engaged w… Read More

Women in Philanthropy Profile: Kim O’Brien 

March 14, 2019

By: Linda Lombardi

Kim O’Brien, Executive Director of Network for Good customer, Nonprofit Leadership Initiative, works with nonprofit leaders in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin to provide opportunities ​for leadership development and learning to ​better achieve their missions. Like most executive directors, O’Brien has 100… Read More

Tailor Your Communications for Greater Engagement 

March 13, 2019

By: Linda Lombardi

The content of your messages isn’t the only way to tailor your communications to each donor. You can also customize the way you communicate and the methods you use. The more you tailor your communication, the more you supporters will welcome your messages. Honing Your Style and Tone The style of your communications w… Read More

9 Best Practices for Communications That Stand Out 

March 11, 2019

By: Linda Lombardi

What makes the difference between donor communications that generate a response and action versus those that end up being forgotten? Effective donor communications share common characteristics based on best practices. Here’s how to create a communications plan that results in engaged donors. 1) Know Who You’re Cont… Read More

Network for Good Celebrates Women in Nonprofit 

March 8, 2019

By: Linda Lombardi

As we celebrate International Women’s Day (and all of Women’s History Month) it’s worth taking a moment to look at the state of women working in the nonprofit sector. In a field where so many women find their calling, what is it that drives us? In this past year, we’ve seen a massive groundswell of… Read More

Create Communications That Motivate Donors 

March 7, 2019

By: Linda Lombardi

To keep supporters engaged, you need to know what motivates them. Communications that connect with what donors care about resonate and generate a response. Let’s look at six motivations that drive supporters to give and how you can craft your communications accordingly. 1) Driven by Mission Donors choose to support y… Read More

Why P2P Fundraising Works 

March 4, 2019

By: Linda Lombardi

The power of social media, combined with access to personal networks and the ease of online giving, combine to make peer-to-peer fundraising one of the most effective ways for organizations to increase donations. Today’s digital tools and communication platforms make it easy for supporters to raise money on their fav… Read More

How Professional Fundraising Coaches Improve Fundraising Skills and Outcomes 

March 1, 2019

By: Agnes Sokol

How can you help nonprofit fundraisers become better at their craft? It turns out that a bit of coaching goes a long way. I sat down with Kimberly O’Donnell, head of the Professional Coaching Program at Network for Good to learn more about who our fundraising coaches are, the work they do with thousands of… Read More

What Netflix Would Do [to Retain Your Donors] 

February 28, 2019

By: Bill Strathmann

Whenever the calendar turns to a new year, nonprofits and their fundraisers breathe a collective but short-lived sigh of relief, having closed another calendar or fiscal year. In most cases, that year culminated with a December fundraising sprint that ostensibly began on #GivingTuesday. Then, after having just enough t… Read More

10 Steps to Powerful Peer-to-Peer Campaigns 

February 27, 2019

By: Linda Lombardi

Peer-to-peer campaigns are an increasingly popular fundraising method for nonprofit organizations. You’ve seen how other organizations are using peer-to-peer fundraising successfully, and you know it could help you as well. But if you’ve never put together a peer-to-peer campaign before, you may be wondering where … Read More

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