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A Nonprofit’s Guide to Recurring Giving 

May 24, 2014

Recurring donors give more over time and are more loyal than one-time givers. This guide will show you how to set up a successful recurring giving program for your nonprofit.…

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Infographic: Why Recurring Gifts Matter 

May 22, 2014

Why do recurring gifts matter? We analyzed $106M in donations to understand how recurring giving drives donation dollars to good causes.…

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Checklist: How to Ramp Up Your Emails 

April 8, 2014

Do your emails entice readers to open them, and do your messages encourage donors to act? Download the checklist and get your supporters to open, click, and engage with your emails.…

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Donation Page Grader 

March 19, 2014

Is your donation page helping or hurting your fundraising results? Take our short quiz to find out if you make the grade!…

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The Digital Giving Index 

March 16, 2014

The latest Digital Giving Index shows online giving trends from over $190M in giving to 40,000 nonprofits across the Network for Good platform.…

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Checklist: Polish Your Online Writing 

February 27, 2014

Clearly communicating with your donors is an essential component of any good fundraising campaign. Use this free checklist to make sure your donors understand your message every time!…

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Checklist: How to Plan a Successful Fundraising Event 

February 20, 2014

Ready to host a rocking, money-raising, heavily attended event? Download our free checklist to make sure you've got your bases covered and start getting organized.…

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Easy Donor Appreciation Checklist 

February 20, 2014

Are you donors feeling loved? Download our new checklist for a step-by-step guide to thanking and retaining loyal donors.…

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Year-End Fundraising Essentials 

October 11, 2013

After hitting it off with your supporters this year, it’s time to make it official and ask for a donation! This free eGuide will show you how to raise more money and get a commitment from your donors.…

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Nonprofit Guide to Email Engagement 

September 18, 2013

Learn how to create an amazing welcome email and time your welcome series for maximum open rates. Get captivating email content ideas to keep your supporters engaged throughout the year so they’re ready to give by the time your year-end appeal hits their inbox.…

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