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We guarantee you'll
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25 Ways to Raise Money for Nonprofits

Searching for how to raise money for your nonprofit? You’ve come to the right place.

Our customers swear by these 25 genius fundraising ideas. Some are appropriate for beginner fundraisers, while others will take a fundraising strategy from good to great! Best of all, they can all be done with the help of Network for Good’s simple, smart fundraising software.

1. Set up a great online fundraising page

Customize your fundraising page with your own story. Click here to learn how.

2. Create a peer-to-peer campaign

Turn your supporters into fundraisers with peer-to-peer fundraising! See how Achieve Tahoe raised $235,000 in a single peer-to-peer campaign. 

3. Send a video message

Don’t be camera shy! We’ve found that thanking donors with our video messages leads to 50% more repeat donations compared with emails. See how it works. 

4. Text your supporters  

Take it from one of our customers, Jessica at A New Direction: “We used texting for the first time just recently and it generated way more money than we could have imagined!” See how our built-in text messaging works

5. Create a board fundraising campaign

Get your board engaged by following these simple steps

6. Get inspiration for your next appeal

Our fundraising email gallery lets you browse from hundreds of real appeals sent by nonprofits like yours. If you don’t have our simple, smart fundraising software, this guide should get you started

7. Start an email newsletter

Today’s donors want to hear more, not less, from the nonprofits they support. If you’re not sharing regular updates in a monthly newsletter, now’s the time to start!

8. Create a giving club

Ready to take your fundraising to the next level? Subscription GivingSM is a method that’s been shown to help even small nonprofits raise twice as much. We’ve broken down the basics for you here.

9. Build a major gifts program

If you aren’t yet asking for major gifts, get our expert guidance here.

10. Host a virtual event

Our fundraising software enables all types of fundraising events! See how one nonprofit raised 3x their goal with a virtual event.

11. Get feedback through a donor survey

Are you communicating enough with your donors? Do they feel connected with your mission? Get all the answers through a donor survey. Read more.

12. Get your data in order

Clean and organized fundraising data lets you identify areas of improvement and find missed fundraising opportunities. You need fundraising software that helps you easily track, store, and update your donor data.

13. Create a plan to reengage lapsed donors

Hear from the experts and learn how we’re making it easier to bring lapsed donors back into the fold.

14. Ask your one-time donors to become monthly donors

Here’s a template to get you started.

15. Try multi-channel communication

We’ve done the research, so we know that connecting with donors in more than one way (email, videos, texting, direct mail, and social media) leads to higher average donations, increased donor retention, and better overall fundraising results. Learn how to do it.

16. Learn the basics of advertising

Watch the webinar to learn everything you need to get noticed through ads.

17. Make monthly gifts your default option on your giving pages

Get more tips to help you build a strong recurring giving program here.

18. Collect and send impact statements

Donors want to know where their money is going! Be sure to regularly send updates through video, email, and direct mail. Improve your donor communications with these tips.

19. Encourage 100% board giving 

Is your whole board giving and participating in fundraising? They should be! Watch this webinar for advice on how to build an engaged board.

20. Record a video tour of your on-site location

Take your supporters behind the scenes to show your appreciation. Then read these tips to further improve your donor relationships.

21. Implement a planned giving program

It can be tricky to make this ask, so let us help you get started with this expert advice.

22. Make a social media plan

Are you posting the right amount, and on the right platforms? We have you covered.

23. Thank donors publicly

Show your donors some love, and others will notice! Get a ton of suggestions here.

24. Focus on younger donors

Learn how to attract Millennial (and even younger) donors. They’re out there, but you need specific tactics to find them.

25. Find a corporate sponsor

Identify one or several large companies and contact them directly. They may be willing to sponsor you completely. Get started here!

Updated: December 16, 2021

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