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3 Essential Spring Campaign Follow-Up Steps

If your fiscal year ends June 30, chances are you’re planning a spring campaign. You’ve drafted a compelling, donor-driven appeal; branded your online presence; and integrated your messaging into every aspect. You’ve been so focused on launching your campaign. But did you plan your follow-up with as much attention? Don’t miss out on these three essential post-kickoff steps.

Follow-Up Appeals

As with all campaigns, what you do after kickoff is just as significant as your initial launch. During your planning stage, you used your donor data to identify donors and prospects most likely to champion your cause and give larger amounts. Now that you’ve launched your campaign, focus your energy and resources on those donors. Use these effective follow-up options to accelerate your campaign:

  • Send postcard reminders to complement your direct mail appeals.
  • Call donors for personalized engagement and to reinforce the urgency of your call to action.
  • Post on social media to stay top-of-mind for donors and prospects.
  • Focus your website’s home page on your spring appeal to drive visitors to your donation page.

Donor Recognition

Acknowledging donors is an important part of the donation process. Send donors a personalized thank you message as soon as possible; preferably within 24 hours of receiving their gift. Simply and clearly express your gratitude and recognize the donor’s impact. Share with them how their gift will be used and the good it will do.

A timely, personalized thank you is an integral part of the relationship-building process. Tailor your messages to match your donor’s commitment to your organization and its mission.

Analyzing Results

During your campaign, track the performance of each target segment and communication method. Once your campaign ends and all donations have been processed, use this data to measure and analyze your results while the campaign is still fresh in your mind. Make note of your learnings so you can improve future campaigns.

Don’t forget to share your results with your donors, staff, and board.

  • Share your success with donors and let them know what you’ve accomplished together.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments with your staff and volunteers who helped launch the campaign.
  • Recognize those who significantly advanced or spearheaded the campaign.

Looking for more tips on launching the perfect spring campaign? Download our 30-Day Spring Fundraising Plan today!

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