3 Quick Tips to Improve Donor Retention

You’ve put so much work into getting new donors, so how do you make sure they turn into lifetime supporters?

1. Make sure you’re thanking your donors properly.

When you receive a gift, how do you acknowledge the donor? Whether you’re sending an email, a personalized note, or picking up the phone to call them, make sure your message is meaningful (much more than a receipt). Your message should be personal, creative, and focused on the donor and their impact. Show how their gift is contributing to the mission.

2. Keep the conversation going.

Of course you need to thank first-time donors as soon as possible, but don’t let the conversation end there. Invite them to events, call them to say thank you, and send them occasional emails or letters about how donors like them are making a difference for the cause. Use a variety of communication mediums and messages and keep track of your individual conversations in your donor management system.

3.Track your progress.

If you don’t track your efforts, there’s no way to know if your strategy is making a difference. Keep tabs on your new donors and see what percent are making a second gift (and how quickly), and compare this year-over-year. Review your donor data every two weeks to see how things are going and how you could better segment your donors for more meaningful communications.

For more donor retention tips and tricks, download a copy of The Quick-Start Guide to Donor Retention.

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