3 Steps to Board Recruitment Success

Do you struggle to find the right board member prospects you need to advance your mission?

Studies show this is one of the most difficult challenges nonprofit leaders face. On this webinar, Mary Hiland, Ph.D., will share 3 key steps you must take to create an ongoing pipeline of great board member prospects.

About the Speaker:

Mary Hiland, Ph.D.
President, Hiland Consulting

Mary is a nonprofit board and leadership development consultant dedicated to assisting nonprofit executives and board members to unleash their potential for organizational and community impact. She works with nonprofit leaders to strengthen the executive/board partnership and develop the board as a powerful force for organizational and mission results. Mary is a coach and mentor for boards, individual board leaders, and executive directors. Mary has over forty years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Her executive experience began with a small nonprofit ($100,000 budget) which she led and grew into one of the largest nonprofits in the Bay Area—with 530 staff and a budget of $25 million. Mary understands a board’s perspective first-hand, having chaired and served (for 18 years) on several nonprofit boards.

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