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4 Ways to Raise More Money Before, During, and After Your Event

You’ve planned a smashing event. Your RSVP list is a veritable who’s who of your community. Everyone is buzzing, and when the event rolls around, it’s a hit. Even that one hard-to-please board member is smiling. (You know the one.)

So, how are you going to maximize this good feeling and keep the momentum going to raise more money for your cause?

Peer-to-Peer Campaign

An easy and fun way to make your event go viral is to use a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign and reach new donors through the passion and connections of your supporters’ networks. Launch a P2P campaign in tandem with your event to run before, during, or after the occasion. Plus, this can help board members and event table captains fulfill their fundraising commitment!

Donation with Ticket Purchase

A popular way to increase event revenue is to include the option to add a donation to your RSVP process. Simply include a line on your mailed invitation’s RSVP card and your event’s ticketing page to give guests the opportunity to donate along with their ticket purchase.

This also gives those who can’t attend the opportunity to donate in lieu of a ticket purchase. Their busy schedule doesn’t mean they can’t help make your event a success!

In-Person Giving

Capture the energy of the moment and give attendees a way to donate during the event. Put donation slips at tables or in your event program, provide tablets for staff and volunteers so guests can take advantage of mobile giving, highlight a raise the paddle/text-to-give portion of your schedule. Include talking points for your host or MC/auctioneer so they can easily promote this call to action throughout the event.


Just because your event is over doesn’t mean your donations stop. Some attendees will enjoy themselves so much they’ll want to donate after the fact as a way of congratulating you on a successful event. You may continue to see donations come in a week or more after your event is over. In your follow-up communications, include an option for attendees to donate to the campaign the event promoted.

The key to increasing your event revenue is to convert your attendees’ feelings at the event into tangible help. Events bring supporters, staff, board, and volunteers together. They are the physical manifestation of community and the good feelings people get by being involved in something bigger than themselves. Keep that feeling alive. People want to support your nonprofit. Your job is to give them a way to translate inspiration into action.

For more tips on how to host the event of the season, download The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising Events.

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