5 Fundraising Myths Debunked

Dispel the Common Fundraising Myths Holding You Back

Direct mail is dead. Technology is too expensive. Donors will come. Sound familiar? Although many myths originate from a grain of truth, there are some fundraising myths that run the risk of putting off even seasoned fundraisers from sending out the communications needed to keep up with their goals. It’s time to put them to rest. Use this guide to debunk five common myths that have the potential to trip up even the best fundraiser.

  1. Donors Will Find My Nonprofit on Their Own
  2. It’s Impolite to Ask the Same Donor for Multiple Donations
  3. I Can’t Afford to Invest in Technology
  4. Direct Mail is Dead
  5. Supporters are Already Doing All They Can

PLUS! 5 Elements of Effective Appeals

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