5 Steps to Master Donor Retention

The average donor retention rate in the United States after the first gift is stuck around 45 percent.

Careful and consistent attention paid to new and existing donors can directly impact the likelihood that they will continue donating—and even increase their giving. After all, once donors make their second gift, retention rates increase significantly. Meaningful communication, strong donor data management, and segmentation create an effective donor retention process that will set your nonprofit up for long-term fundraising success.

You put so much work into getting your donors. Here’s how to keep them.

Use the five steps in this guide to build an effective donor retention process and set your nonprofit up for long-term fundraising success.

  1. Calculate Your Donor Retention Rate
  2. Improve Donor Relations
  3. Segment Your Donors
  4. Personalize Donor Communications
  5. Foster an Attitude of Gratitude
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