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5 Ways To Improve Mid-Level Donor Engagement

For many nonprofits, mid-level donors are the backbone of any fundraising campaign. They’re loyal and generous and have multi-year retention rates. They serve as a bridge between small and major donors.

A mid-level donor segment will differ from organization to organization. For some, it will include gift ranges of $250-$500; while others may set mid-level gifts at $500-$1,000. Whatever your range, the benefits of cultivating these donors will be felt throughout your organization.

Mid-level donors represent a segment of your community willing to take on a larger commitment to your organization. Typically a smaller percentage of a nonprofit’s donor pool, they are responsible for a larger percentage of overall regular giving. Yet, sometimes, they don’t get the care and attention they deserve.

Create a Unique Mid-Level Donor Experience

Customize Their Identity

Give them a name as a group within your organization and always refer to them that way—they’re not just donors to you; they’re your “Inner Circle” or “All-Star Group.” Have some fun with it for an even more unique experience. Lady Gaga has her “Little Monsters,” the Seattle Seahawks fans are the “12th Man,” and perhaps one of the most loyal followings in history, Star Trek’s “Trekkies,” have been going strong since 1967.

Brand Your Messaging

Create a style guide just for that group; including their own logo and colors. Designate a special point-of-contact in your organization who corresponds with these donors. Use this style guide when you contact them for that extra personal touch. Tailor content to their interests, reiterate their benefits and offer ways to give.

Cultivate Reciprocal Relationships

What are some of the highlights of your major donor program and how can you incorporate that same spirit in your midlevel donor interaction? How can you create meaningful events at their level? Providing them with deeper engagement shows them you’re invested in them as much as they’re invested in you.

Tell Better Stories

Use the art of storytelling to show why your mission is important. Tell personal stories from the programs they donate to. Highlight what you do that they may not know about. How do you impact the community? What do you do that sets you apart?

Increase Their Access

Invite your long-term midlevel donors to some major donor events to show them behind the curtain and give them a glimpse at what they could aspire to.

The more unique and special you can make a mid-level donor’s experience with your organization, the longer they’ll stay with you. Over time, you’ll even see their level and frequency of giving increase. You may even turn them into a major donor before too long.

Download our eGuide, “How To Enhance Your Donor Engagement,” for more on how to engage your donors.

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