5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Donor Data

Whomever coined the phrase “spring cleaning” probably didn’t have donor data in mind. Even still, the age-old tradition of dusting off the cobwebs and freshening things up after a long winter can be helpful for nonprofit fundraisers.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Donor Data

  1. Check for duplicate contacts in your donor data and merge or dedupe your records.
  2. Segment your contacts. Some recommended filters include New Donors, LYBUNTS (those who donated last year but unfortunately not yet this year), Major Donors, Monthly Donors, etc. Use these lists to better tailor for your email blasts and direct mail communications. This will make your communications feel much more relevant to the person reading them.
  3. Record additional information about your donors such as their birthday, place of employment, or if they’ve volunteered at your organization.
  4. Send a survey to your donors to find out why they give and what attracts them to your organization. Add their responses to their donor profile for better personalization.
  5. It’s normal to receive bounce backs and undeliverable messages when sending out email blasts. Correct those email addresses as you receive new information to ensure as many people as possible are reading the email blasts you’re working hard to put together.

Looking for more ways to spring clean your donor data? Listen to our recent webinar and get started today!

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