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7 Digital Practices to Win Donors’ Hearts

Technology has changed the nonprofit landscape—and your job—in more ways than one. A digital strategy is essential to the success of your fundraising campaigns.

Use your fundraising software to analyze your donor data and segment your donors into groups to target your campaigns for better fundraising results. Then, incorporate these 7 easy-to-execute digital practices into your appeals to increase donor engagement.

Online Giving

Online giving is the most popular modern form of giving. It’s quick, easy, accessible, immediate, and cost effective. Branded, designed donation pages raise up to six times as much money on average.1 Share your donation page with supporters near and far, to reach your local community, and beyond.

Email Appeals

Email results in 1/3 of online fundraising revenue.1 Sending email blasts (“eblasts”) are a quick, attractive way to communicate with your donors. Use your designed templates to send newsletters, thank you letters, event invitations, and appeals. Leverage your donor data to send each message to a targeted audience. Always include a call to action in emails to inspire greater involvement from your donors.

Direct Mail

Technology has made it easier and faster to connect with donors, but don’t put an end to your direct mail campaigns just yet. Direct mail motivated 36% more donors to give online in 2016 compared to the previous year.1 Plan a coordinated solicitation campaign featuring direct mail and email blasts to increase your impact and stay front and center in your donors’ minds.

Mobile Giving

25% of donors complete their donations on mobile devices.1 Make sure your donation pages are all mobile-friendly. Incorporate text-to-give campaigns so donors can give right from their smartphone. Want to know more about mobile giving? Download “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Giving,” and go everywhere your donors go.

Social Media

25% of donors say social media inspires them to give.2 Promote your donation page on your social channels. Let followers know they can support you with a fundraiser of their own. Network for Good partners with Facebook on their fundraiser feature, which allows users to raise money for their favorite cause. To master the top social media sites and how to use them to your advantage, check out our “Social Media for Nonprofits” eGuide.


Peer-to-Peer programs increase awareness and donor involvement by amplifying your message through peer-driven campaigns. Provide your peer fundraisers with easy-to-share communications tools, such as branded fundraising pages, suggested social media posts, email templates, and information about your organization and how donations will be used.

Recurring Gifts

Monthly, or recurring, donors often give more over time, donate at higher levels, remain committed donors longer, give additional gifts throughout the year, and actively participate or volunteer. Customize your online giving page to reflect your recurring giving program. For more on recurring gifts, download our eGuide, “A Quick-Start Guide to Monthly Giving.”

Become a tech-savvy fundraiser with our How to Integrate Technology into Your Fundraising to Boost Results Checklist.

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