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What You Absolutely Must Do Now to Retain More Donors This Year

Like most executive directors, development directors, or fundraisers in small or emerging nonprofits, you’re working hard to bring in donations to meet your targets and acquire new donors to stay afloat—all while doing basically everything else. You’re like a superhero of the nonprofit world. And like most superheroes, along with the fabulous cape and amazing feats of strength, you also have a dangerous weakness. Superman had kryptonite, fundraisers have donor retention problems.

No one wants to lose donors, but for small nonprofits, donor attrition can be deadly and kicks off a downward spiral that can be hard to correct. Unless you have another secret superpower:

A solid donor stewardship plan.

You could also call it a “happy donor” plan. Creating a clear plan will help you focus your resources wisely. You’ll also think more about what you’ll do for your donors this year — rather than only what you want from them. This simple shift will make you a better fundraiser, and help you reap more from all of the work and resources you put into finding and converting those donors in the first place.

Your plan should live alongside your overall annual fundraising plan and include:

  • Clear, simple goals for donor stewardship
  • When, where, and how you’ll acknowledge each type of donor
  • Who’s responsible for making sure each task happens
  • How you’ll measure and report success

Just like with any campaign or fundraising strategy, a plan will help you stay organized and keep your resources (including your time!) focused on the right things. And like most busy superhero fundraisers, you don’t have a minute to spare.

If you’re a fundraiser for a small nonprofit and wondering how to balance bringing in new donors, stabilizing revenue, and retaining donors all while managing a to-do list a mile long, help is on the way. Join fundraising expert Sandy Rees, for this week’s webinar Secrets of Success in the Small Shop.   Register now to save your seat.

(Can’t make the live session? Be sure to still register and we’ll make sure you get the materials to review on your schedule.)

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