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Alison Cook Beatty Dance Company Exceeds Goals and Impresses Donors

After years of using Excel and Google Docs, Alison Cook-Beatty knew that if her nonprofit dance company wasn’t set up properly they wouldn’t be able to manage crucial bookkeeping, sustain their dancers, or care for their donors. Having just received their 501(c)(3) status, Alison decided it was time to take her fundraising and donor relations to a more professional level.

“Joining Network for Good was a huge investment for us as a small nonprofit. But it was also an investment in us as a company. We had to take control of our nonprofit. Out of respect for our donors and to give us peace of mind.”

Alison Cook Beatty Dance joined Network for Good in April of 2018 and promptly launched a five-week, integrated fundraising campaign under the guidance of her Personal Fundraising Coach. The company had a number of milestones to celebrate; including a new website, a new promotional video, and their new 501(c)(3) status.

Professional Campaigns Give Donors a Great Impression

Over the course of five weeks, Alison Cook Beatty Dance sent supporters an appeal letter, three emails, and a wrap-up email with campaign results. They incorporated posts about the campaign into their regular social media activity. Finally, they extended the dates of the campaign to include a performance in Alison’s hometown to reach audience members who would want to donate. Before the performance, a board member gave a curtain speech about the campaign, highlighting the pressing deadline.

Confident Fundraising Helps Alison Cook Beatty Dance Exceed Goals

Their hard work and planning paid off. Alison Cook Beatty Dance’s first major fundraising campaign surpassed its $10K goal and ended up bringing in $13K to support the work and artists. Alison was so invigorated by the results that she immediately started planning her year-end campaign and is now confident in her company’s ability to fundraise. The organization’s talent as fundraisers now supports the talent on stage, which promises to keep Alison Cook Beatty Dance in the spotlight for years to come.

More Time for Her Mission

Since starting with Network for Good, Alison and her three-person staff have become better organized and more efficient. Gone are the days of staying up until 4 a.m. to finish data entry or reports or thank yous after a long day of rehearsal. Now, Alison can spend her time focusing on her mission, choreographing new pieces, and cultivating community and donor relationships.

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