Announcing the Fundraising Readiness Project

Ask any Executive Director who is trying to balance a budget and stabilize their programs and then ask any Board Chair who is trying to maximize their resources and build a sustainable funding portfolio. They’ll both tell you it’s very difficult – and they’re right.

Announcing the Fundraising Readiness Project, the first-of-its-kind online learning series designed specifically for Executive Directors and Board Chairs to understand and support fundraising – and each other.

For all the small nonprofits with the passion to do it all, but a budget that requires do-it-yourself out there, we’re excited to extend an invitation to join this free monthly program.

Each month, all participants of the Fundraising Readiness Project will receive exclusive access to expert fundraisers in live webinars and dynamic Q&A sessions as well as easy-to-use toolkits to immediately take action – all backed with proven strategies for success. Check out the full schedule.

While there is no shortage of conferences, workshops, and publications available to help nonprofits, we know most nonprofits do not have the time to execute these ideas.

The Fundraising Readiness Project is designed for executive directors and board chairs who only have time to focus on what actually works, not what should work.

Enroll now to join the Fundraising Readiness Project

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