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We guarantee you'll
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year or your money back.

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Breaking the Growth Deadlock

Breaking Down the Growth Deadlock

Is success in the nonprofit sector a transient, hard-to-define combination of hard work, judgment and good luck? Or do all successful organizations follow similar patterns that, once understood, are predictable and repeatable?

In this webinar we’ll discuss the stages in the nonprofit lifecycle, sharing specific, inspired advice on how to drive your nonprofit forward and create more impact.

We will reveal how any organization can get to “Predictable Success” a development stage during which it is producing scalable, profitable growth. We will teach anyone, at any level, in any company to:

1. Know exactly how to get to Predictable Success

2. Build the skills to motivate, engage and align their team to take their company to Predictable Success

3. Put in place the right people, processes, and structures to keep their organization in Predictable Success

Watch the webinar recording below:


About the speaker:

Cherian Koshy has fought every nonprofit battle. He now is a trusted consultant to virtually every type of leader – CEOs of global organizations, Development Directors of large non-profits, fundraisers from mid-sized charities, and Chief Everything Officers of emerging organizations. Cherian is a licensed practitioner of The Predictable Success program developed by best selling author and world renowned consultant Les McKeown. His success comes from a street-smart, insider’s understanding of exactly how nonprofits works in the real world.

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