Infographic: Bridging the Donor Generation Gap

Bridging the donor generation gap is a struggle every nonprofit faces. One of the constants of nonprofit work is the need to cultivate the next generation of donors and activists. At the same time, you don’t want to ignore donors who have been loyal, longtime supporters. Successfully engaging multiple generations ensures the future of your organization.

Why the Donor Generation Gap Matters

One of the largest wealth transfers in history is beginning to take place. Over the next 30 to 40 years, an estimated $30 trillion in financial and nonfinancial assets will pass between generations in North America alone. As Baby Boomers and the Mature Generation prepare to pass their wealth to their children and grandchildren, more than money is being taken into consideration.

Benefits of cross-generation donor engagement:

  • Involving Gen X and Millennial donors today ensures the future of your organization.
  • Cultivating Mature and Boomer donors (who represent the majority of today’s giving) provides stability for your organization.
  • Diversity of opinions and perspectives keeps your organization relevant.
  • New ideas and approaches energize your base.
  • Institutional/historical knowledge blends with modern, tech-savvy know-how to keep your message fresh.

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