3 Steps to Build a Wildly Engaged Community

3 Steps to Build a Wildly Engaged Community

Make your nonprofit more than a mission, make it a movement.

Community organizing is our nonprofit superpower. When we galvanize our people into a movement of engaged advocates – demanding change for the communities and causes they care about – everything else gets easier… fundraising, board leadership, strategic partnerships, and capacity building.

By investing in your mission, donors and partners are rooting for you to be their ‘representative’ and leverage their collective voice and influence for big impact.

In this session, we’ll explore key strategies to galvanize a more inclusive, diverse, and fired-up coalition of change makers ready to make the bold moves needed to fast track your big vision – no matter how many database contacts you currently have.

Participants will explore key steps to:

  1. 1. Hone your magnetic message to attract the right donors and partners who are ready to give
  2. 2. Simplify and target your fundraising efforts to raise more money with less struggle
  3. 3. Engage and leverage your community to fast-track your vision

Speaker: Amy Fazio


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