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CIS of Memphis Uses Fundraising Coaches to Reach Goals

CIS of Memphis Partners for Student Success

Coaching + Teamwork = Success for CIS of Memphis  

Communities in Schools of Memphis (CIS of Memphis) is dedicated to a movement of equity. CIS of Memphis is part of the nation’s largest and most effective dropout prevention organization, which is dedicated to empowering students to succeed in school and achieve in life. CIS of Memphis connects students and their families to basic and critical educational and community-based resources that are tailored to each student’s specific needs. They currently partner with 21 schools to serve 8,364 students in Memphis.  

Darren Thomas II, CIS of Memphis’ first Development Director, is no stranger to fundraising. He’s worked in the field for seven years and has used five different platforms. But to him, Network for Good stands out among the crowd:  

“You all have been a joy to work with…I’ve had to work with 5 different platforms, and this has been by far the best…[Network for Good] has definitely surpassed my expectations and has been great to have.” 

Fundraising Coach Offers Care and Commitment  

Darren is an experienced fundraiser, but he still values working with a Network for Good Personal Fundraising Coach. Darren and his coach, John Gilchrist, CFRE, built an open and honest relationship that’s focused on achieving the organization’s goals. 

To Darren, John’s fundraising guidance is so valuable because of his years of experience, honest and transparent feedback, and continuous availability. John has seen nonprofits experience both successes and failures. As the organization’s coach, he’s committed to sharing the lessons learned and knowledge gained from those experiences to Communities in Schools of Memphis.  

“It seems there is a genuine care about the work that we do here in Communities in Schools of Memphis…John has been committed to that since I first met him.” 

Software Features for the Whole Team  

Darren isn’t the only member of the CIS of Memphis team to benefit from Network for Good’s all-in-one software. The system makes it easy for their operations manager to track when gifts come into the office, whether they are directly solicited or from the Federal government.  

The finance team also uses the system to track funds that arrive to the organization, add attachments to donations for more comprehensive reporting, write and share notes on those donations, and assign each other tasks. According to Darren, those capabilities highlight the value of Network for Good’s system across the organization:  

“It’s been a great experience not just for me, but for our team…It expands beyond just the development role.”  

Invaluable Insights for the Future 

Using Network for Good’s system gave CIS of Memphis’ leadership a priceless tool: insight. Now, the team has the ability to manage their dollars and initiatives based on data from the software. It also helps them to debrief for the year, as well as visualize and measure their gaps in funding.  

“Network for Good really is a great tool for ensuring that we are committed to being as organized as possible and being held accountable…and ensuring our staff and families have the resources that are necessary to maintain the partnership between our families, students, and staff.”

Ready to make the switch to simpler, smarter software? Contact us today! 

Photo courtesy of CIS of Memphis

Published: November 22, 2021

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