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Creating Better Donor Relations in the Digital Age

While technology has made it easier for us to stay connected, it can also limit personal, human interaction and make us feel further apart. The convenience of firing off an email or posting on social media has replaced the personal connection of a phone call or mailed letter. How do you build and sustain connectivity with your donors through an electronic, digital relationship?

Two Digital Donor Relationship Builders

Two easy and productive ways to create deeper relationships with your donors is through segmenting and surveys.

Segmenting and Filters

First and foremost, get to know your donor’s communication preferences and track this information in your donor management system. Create filters based on these options and segment your donors for better communications to create an experience unique to their tastes. Watch our Donor Management Feature Spotlight: Segmenting Donors video to see how easy it is to segment donors with Network for Good.

New to segmenting? Network for Good’s fundraising software comes with recommended filters already set up to make segmenting easy. Filter contacts by:

  • Donation amount
  • New donors (last 30 days)
  • Contacts with an email address
  • Donation date
  • Donated last year but unfortunately not this year (LYBUNT)


Add digital surveys to your communications mix for an effective way to glean valuable information and build relationships with your supporters. Ask about their preferences, interests, and experience with your nonprofit for a great way to connect without asking for money.

Getting to know your contacts helps you market your cause better and creates a positive donor experience. Surveying lapsed donors about why they stopped giving can bring some donors back and help boost your retention rate. Positive feedback assures you you’re on the right track and provides support for your choices. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback. It can be extremely valuable in addressing, and even preventing, problems. Listen to your donor’s feedback and adapt accordingly.

Not sure what to ask your donors? Try these sample survey questions to get your brainstorming started. You can create multiple choice surveys, feature options in a drop down menu, or ask donors to fill in an answer in their own words.

  1. What motivates you to donate to our nonprofit?
  2. How often do you prefer to receive email blasts?
  3. Which of our programs are most important to you?
  4. How much of an impact do you think your donation has?
  5. Do you feel appreciated by our organization?
  6. How often do you discuss our nonprofit with your friends and family?

Whether you’re new to digital fundraising or a seasoned pro, embracing the digital revolution adds value to your donor relationships and boosts engagement levels. Download Fundraising in the Digital Age to learn more about creating stronger donor relations in the digital age.

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