Ditch Your Spreadsheets for Better Fundraising Results

It’s every fundraiser’s nightmare.

You have a big campaign ready to launch to your loyal supporters. You’ve planned an integrated campaign featuring direct mail, email, and online giving. You have a moving story, great imagery, and a strong call to action. Your donors are going to love this appeal!

But you’re stuck in the weeds trying to get your appeal out the door. Your donor information is stored in several different locations. There are multiple spreadsheets tracking contact info and donation history. Not to mention your email program and your event software. You know what that means. You have to merge all these lists together, dedupe them, and then segment them again into the different groups you want to contact so that every donor receives a personalized message. This is going to take all week.

And once you actually do send your appeal and start seeing donations come in, your tracking system is such a mess that you can’t trust your data, quickly thank donors, or accurately report to your board. You’re sure you’re losing donors at this rate. The stress is just too much.

Relax. There’s a better way to fundraise.

Network for Good’s fundraising software will help boost your fundraising results, organize your data, and improve your donor engagement and retention. With our donor management system, you can store all of your donor information in one centralized location, create beautifully designed online donation pages, launch polished and personalized appeals, and easily thank donors as donations come in. Plus, quickly create reports your board will love.

You’ve worked hard all year. You deserve a break. Ask us how to get started. Think of it as a year-end gift…to yourself!

Fundraising with spreadsheets infographic

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