Fiscal Year-End Creeping Up On You? We Have Your Back

We all know how crazy the end of the fiscal year can be. We’re closing out our budgets, reconciling the gains and losses of the year, and making sure we’re on the same page as our donors — often times, all at once! While the end of the fiscal year should be an opportunity for reflection to assess what worked in the past and what can be improved going forward, many nonprofits leaders are hard-pressed by their numerous other commitments to find the time to stop and think.

And while preparing to put one year in the books and get the next one started on the right foot is overwhelming, with the right organization in place and direction from the pros, we believe that you can wrap things up effortlessly.

That’s why we created the End of Fiscal Year To-Do List for Nonprofit Fundraisers

From last-minute fundraising appeals to reviewing board pledges, we’ll take you through all the steps top fundraisers recommend to position you for your best success in a new fiscal year.

While some tips from our checklist should be standard practice year-round, like using innovative and heartfelt ways to thank your donors for their support, the list will also give you some direction when it comes to soliciting a major gift as the fiscal year wraps up and talking to your donors about this annual time or transition for your organization. Are you asking your community to fundraise on your behalf? What about managing your board? Answers to these questions and more can all be found in our checklist. While it can often feel this way, a June 30th deadline doesn’t need to be overwhelming for you or your staff.

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