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Get More From Mobile Giving with Fundraising Software

Knowledge is power. For nonprofits, harnessing that power comes in the form of fundraising software. Using fundraising software allows you to effectively gather and analyze information that would be very time consuming or impossible to access without one. Fundraising software allows you to see what parts of your organization’s mobile fundraising campaigns are effective and where you’re falling short. This information helps you make better-informed decisions on where to dedicate your limited resources for maximum effect. Fundraising software will also help you improve the elements of your campaign, making them more effective. The right fundraising software makes tasks simpler, freeing you up to spend your time on other things.

In order to get the most from your mobile giving campaigns, you’ll need fundraising software that provides the right tools. Here’s what you should look for:

Mobile-Friendly Templates for Donation Pages

Mobile device use is rising quickly. A recent Pew Research study found that 77% of Americans own a smartphone. People are increasingly using their devices for everything from entertainment to social media to making mobile donations. Choose fundraising software that allows you to easily create fully mobile-responsive donation pages that automatically resize text and images properly for mobile screens.

Makes Text-to-Give Simple

Text-to-give is a popular form of mobile giving that nonprofits can use in a variety of creative ways. You’ll want to be able to set up text-to-give campaigns quickly, including creating your text-to-give numbers and trigger words.

Robust Tracking Tools

The ability to track and manage your active giving campaigns in an easy-to-understand interface is one of the most important features any fundraising software should have. This is where you’ll see, at a glance, which campaigns (and which tactics you used within each campaign) performed well, and which ones generated less interest than you expected. Connecting with what matters to your donors is vital to ensuring the survival of your mission. The data you gather here can be used to spur discussions inside the organization on what direction future efforts should take.

Pledge Management

Many nonprofits lean on pledges for support. Any fundraising software you consider should contain a pledge management system, too, and allow your mobile giving campaign to accept pledges. Pairing pledged contributions to actual donations helps you manage your plans for future growth. Knowing who has pledged but fallen behind on fulfilling that pledge tells you who needs to be reminded of their commitment via an email or postcard. It also makes thanking those who have followed through easier.

Flexibility For Multi-Channel Communications

One size never fits all when it comes to fundraising. Often you’ll be integrating mobile giving into multi-channel campaigns. A good fundraising software allows the user to take advantage of a range of ways to communicate with potential donors. Features like bulk text messaging, the ability to create and track email campaigns, and mail merging and direct mail integration are all essential for effectively communicating with supporters in their preferred method.

If you’re shopping for fundraising software, be sure to evaluate how it will help you streamline your mobile fundraising activities and how robust the tracking is. Well-deployed fundraising software provides you the tools you need for smart decision-making as an organization. By bringing many of the pieces that previously existed separately into one platform, you’ll conserve your finite resources and be better positioned to grow your organization and better fulfill your mission and the community you serve.

Download “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Giving” to learn more about how mobile giving can boost your fundraising campaigns.

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