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We guarantee you'll
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Go Back to School with Network for Good University

September’s here and you know what that means. It’s time to go back to school!

Welcome to Orientation! The learning never stops at Network for Good University, where class isn’t just for kids anymore. We know you’re always searching for the latest and greatest information that will set you up for fundraising success.

In honor of all our lifelong students, we are proud to launch our fall “Back to School for Nonprofits” campaign, dedicated to preparing you for successful year-end campaigns.

Are you ready for year-end?

It’s well known that the end of the year is the most crucial time for nonprofit fundraising. Don’t wait until November and December to plan your campaign. The most successful nonprofits are planning for year-end right now!

  • 30% of annual giving occurs in December.
  • 10% of annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year.

And don’t forget #GivingTuesday. In 2017, $274 million dollars were donated online in just that one day.

As you prepare for your year-end campaigns this year, take a moment to reflect on what’s preventing you from meeting your fundraising goals. What supplies are you missing? What classes should you enroll in to gain a gold star in fundraising? What schedule should you follow to get into the rhythm for giving season? And what grade would your donors give you?

This semester, you’ll learn everything you need to know to prepare you for your year-end campaigns. Whether you’re an A student looking for a refresher, or new to fundraising and in need of a study plan, we’ve got you covered!

Course Highlights

Orientation: Go Back to School to Prepare for Year-End

  • There’s a quiz already?! Find out if you’re an A student when it comes to individual giving.
  • Interactive Backpack: Do you have all the supplies you need for class?
  • Roadmap to Year-End Infographic: What are the stops you need to make between here and December?
  • Faculty Listing: Sign up for webinars and check out our line-up of visiting professors.


  • Donor Segmentation Cheat Sheet
  • Back to Basics: Storytelling 101
  • Another Quiz?! Find out how your marketing strategy stacks up.
  • They’re Just Not That Into You: Why donors stop giving.
  • Donor Thank You Letter Template

And much more, including a “Final Exam Study Kit” with everything you need to excel this year-end giving season!

Follow our blog for posts about newly-released guides and checklists, year-end fundraising topics and strategies, and links to download the resources you’ll need to get ahead. Go “back-to-school” with Network for Good. We’ll provide you with a course syllabus and the technology you need to become a star pupil—just in time to rock year-end giving.

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