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Going Beyond the Gala: Alternative Event Fundraising Ideas

For decades, fundraisers have focused on big, splashy events, consisting of a rubber chicken dinner and formal attire, culminating in an appeal to donors at the end of the night. Over the past few years, donors have shifted their approach to philanthropy and now desire to make a deeper impact through their charitable giving. Now more than ever, it is important to go beyond celebrating and entertaining donors to hosting more intimate conversations with about social change.
Join social impact strategist Alyssa Wright to learn how the fundraising landscape is changing and gain new strategies for creating meaningful experiences rather than events.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why galas aren’t the most effective ways to engage donors
  • Real examples of alternative, cost-saving fundraising strategies that have worked
  • How transcending the gala can shift power dynamics within the philanthropic sector

About the Speaker:

Alyssa Wright
Speaker | Author | CEO/Consultant of Wright Consulting Group | Forbes Contributor

Alyssa Wright is an award-winning artist, social impact strategist, philanthropic advisor, non-profit leadership coach and writer. Having spent time as a human right’s activist in Eastern Europe and Africa, Alyssa brings a decade of experience in international philanthropy to Alyssa Wright Consulting. An accomplished consultant and coach she builds new revenue streams, shifts cultural perspectives and inspires people to believe that change is possible no matter what. Recent work includes the design of a successful Millennial giving circle at the Massachusetts domestic violence and sexual assault coalition and the creation of a brand new global donor movement at an international environmental organization that raised over $500,000 in a single year. She has coached dozens of non-profit professionals and trained over 100 boards, from Kenya to Kennebunkport, Maine to fulfill their mission.

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