Grant-Free Fundraising! How to Grow Like a Tech Startup

Grant-Free Fundraising! Grow Like a Tech Startup

Learn how to leverage tech to create diverse cashflow systems without grants!

Combining a 501c3 and tech startup business model to push nonprofits into the social enterprise startup space, Jasmine Fain will teach your organization how to scale revenue like a tech startup.

In this webinar we will redefine mindsets to be startup founders and business-minded, go into the process of learning how to leverage peer-to-peer fundraising to increase traction, and give you knowledge that helps enhance measuring and tracking of data and technology usage to enhance fundraising.

Watch the webinar recording below:


About the speaker:

Jasmine Fain


Jasmine Fain can be described as a Southern Dallas native, Oklahoma State Alumna, and J.D Candidate. Most importantly she uses her knowledge in social enterprise startup business development, grant writing, and marketing to create spaces for wealth marginalized organizations and communities in our world.

As CEO of ENPWR U, a directory for nonprofits to advertise their programs and services directly to communities, and increase resource response rates in crisis or immediate situations, she studies and advises communities on topics such as generating un-bias fundraising systems, creating diverse nonprofit cashflow systems without grants, capitalism affects in the nonprofit industry, and social enterprises leading tech movements.

She believes that even after we get a seat at the table, we must teach others to build a better table than the one we are sitting at.

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