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Help! How Do Explain the CARES Act to Donors?

“I can’t find the right language to help our donors understand the new tax deduction allowance in the CARES act. Do you have anything I could use to explain in simple language?

Example: ‘Our Sip for Smiles event will be postponed until 2021. Your tickets at $40 are now 100% deductable per person up to $300. DONATE HERE.”

First, congratulations on making the bold step to reschedule your event to 2021. In doing so, you removed one more element of uncertainty from your community. Job well done!

My recommendation is not to assume that anyone who purchased a ticket to your event has not already contributed $500+ to every relief effort and nonprofit that asked.

Your organization’s mission and a compelling message is what should incentivize donors to give. While a one-year tax break for contributions up to $300 is welcome and greatly appreciated, everyone’s giving situation is different.

If you’d like to include a mention of the CARES Act tax break, you could include it as a PS. Here’s an example:

“Check with your tax advisor to learn more about how the CARES Act may make it easier to help [your org name] this year.”

Good luck!

Ask a Fundraising Coach is Network for Good’s weekly advice column, where Personal Fundraising Coach Andrea Holthouser tackles your toughest challenges in the world of fundraising, nonprofit management, donor relations, and more.

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