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How Marketing Engages Donors and Boosts Giving

We’ve seen it time and again. The most reliable, successful way to boost your fundraising results is through donor engagement. An engaged donor is a happy—and giving—donor.

So, what’s the secret to engagement? Is it magic? A spell, maybe?

It’s simple, really. The most effective way to build and strengthen your relationships with both prospects and donors is through marketing.

Asking too much, without the marketing that cultivates those relationships, is why donor retention is on a continued downward trend, according to the 2017 Fundraising Effectiveness Report.

There’s even more: One of your greatest opportunities is activating non-donor supporters of your organization (volunteers, program participants and their families, and others) to donate. Reach out to these loyal friends, even if they don’t meet your traditional criteria for donor prospects.

4 Ways Marketing Benefits Nonprofits

Save On Donor Recruitment Expenses

It costs far less to retain a donor than it does to recruit a new one. When you decrease donor attrition and boost retention, you save big on marketing and fundraising expenses.

Increase Your Donor Base

Engage loyal fans (individuals involved with your organization in other ways) who haven’t donated, yet.

Strengthen Supporter Loyalty

Motivate current donors to get involved with your organization in additional ways. Loyalty deepens the more involved an individual becomes.

Boost Donations

According to a recent analysis of engagement approaches implemented by Network for Good customers, donor engagement leads to additional or increased gifts (total dollars donated, gift size, and frequency) from your donor pool. Starting, or strengthening, your donor engagement campaign differentiates you from the other organizations asking for money from the same people.

You can make this magic happen. Add marketing to your fundraising strategy, and increase your donor base and donations. No spell required!

Download our new White Paper, “How Marketing Drives Donor Engagement,” and follow the specific, step-by-step methodology to use marketing to achieve your fundraising goals.

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