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How to Create a Donor Thank You Video

Video is a powerful way to communicate a message, and thank you messages are no exception. Video engages the viewer to create a more memorable experience than a letter can replicate. You don’t need fancy equipment or complex editing software to create effective donor thank you video—even small nonprofits can take advantage of all that video has to offer. Wondering how to video that thank and engage your donors? Let’s get started!

Ways to Use Thank You Videos

You can use videos in a variety of ways and at different times in the gift cycle. Here are just a few:

1) Campaign Wrap-Up

A video is a perfect way to wrap up a successful fundraising campaign. Share the results of the campaign and detail what will be done with the money raised.

2) Project Completion

Show donors what was accomplished with their gifts by creating a video after a project has been completed. Include footage of the project and testimonials from members of the community benefited.

3) Personal Donor Thank Yous

You can create a personalized one-to-one video with a recorded message from your team thanking a donor for a major gift, or on a special anniversary of their giving. These videos are special because they’re crafted just for an individual donor. The impact of these videos is substantial, and donors won’t forget them.

4) Year-End

Thanksgiving and the end of the year offer an ideal time to send a video celebrating the work you and your donors have accomplished together, and how much you appreciate them. Use this opportunity to instill a feeling of partnership and inclusiveness. Create a video collage of photos from the year’s projects and events, or film a special message from your executive director. These inspirational videos are a great way to motivate donors to continue giving.

For example, check out Network for Good’s Thanksgiving video to all the nonprofits we work with throughout the year.

How to Create an Impactful Video

While you don’t need to be a professional videographer, there are a few essentials you’ll want to include to make sure your video is meaningful to your donors.

  • Show what was accomplished. There’s nothing as rewarding as seeing what a donation turned into. No matter what type of video you’re creating, show donors what was accomplished—in the form of images or impact stories.
  • Include a message from a community member. Donors love hearing firsthand what a donation meant to someone. Film a community member speaking about the impact of the project, or simply include a slide of a text quote.
  • Include a message from a team member. Donors are partnering with your organization to accomplish work you both care about. Hearing from one of your team members will solidify the spirit of teamwork. It also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the work.
  • Keep it short. Thank you videos work best if they are no longer than two minutes. Most people are busy, and their attention will be required elsewhere. Be sure they can watch your video quickly, in one sitting. Brevity also improves the chances of it being shared and watched again on social.

Tools to Use

We recommend using a video tool built into your fundraising software, so you can create and send videos, track results, and follow up right from the same platform. See how we do it at Network for Good. If you don’t have fundraising software with built-in video capabilities, smartphones can record quality video. Then, attach your videos to an email and make your supporters’ day!

Whatever kind of donor appreciation video you create, your supporters will be excited to see and hear from you in this format. Get creative, experiment, and show your gratitude in a new way.

Looking for more tips on how to create meaningful thank yous? Read our 10 Creative Ways to Thank Donors guide to learn what makes a thank you effective, what to avoid in a thank you, and when to say thank you.

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