How to Maintain an Engaged List of Donors

Unbeknownst to many nonprofits, the emails you send to your mailing list go through an increasingly complicated and sophisticated obstacle course before landing in the inbox.

Much like the more familiar social media algorithms, inbox providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo are constantly tweaking the algorithms that decide if and when the emails your nonprofit sends will get delivered — or if they are labeled as spam.

Understanding the new rules of email deliverability is essential to meeting your fundraising, advocacy, awareness and education goals – and these new rules are all about engagement.

During this webinar with Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s founder, Kivi Leroux Miller, you’ll learn what you need to do to maintain an engaged list of donors so that your online fundraising campaigns are successful. We’ll cover these topics and more:

  • The new email deliverability metrics that matter most
  • How to find out who on your mailing list is engaging with your content and who isn’t
  • How to explain the health of your email list and importance of engagement to others, like senior managers and your board
  • How to structure a welcome seriesHow to structure a re-engagement campaign
  • How to handle special challenges like seasonal engagement (when you need to email a lot at certain times of year, but very little at other time)

Don’t leave the future of your email communications and online effectiveness to chance! Learn what you need to know to manage your email program for long-term success.

About the Speaker

Kivi Leroux Miller
Founder and CEO, Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Kivi Leroux Miller helps nonprofit communications professionals learn their jobs and love their jobs through a variety of training and coaching programs. She has personally mentored hundreds of nonprofit communications directors and communications teams as a certified executive coach. She is a popular keynote, workshop, and webinar presenter and the award-winning author of three books, as well as a popular blog. Because she can’t get enough of nonprofits and entrepreneurship for good, Kivi also co-leads a Girl Scout troop and is vice president of the Lexington Farmers Market Association (Lexington, NC). She also co-founded Grow and Go Girls, a small baking and gardening business where all net profits go into a travel fund for a group of small-town girls to travel the big world, including one of her daughters.

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