How to Plan for The “Future of Thanking” at Your Organization

Are your receipts and acknowledgments donor friendly? Planning for the future of thanking at your organization.

These two things are often the bread and butter of donor relations. Often times they are all but overlooked. How do we work together, plan for the future and ensure these documents aren’t dry and staid? Together we will help put the donor at the center of our operations moving forward. We can go from “sending bills” and “cranking out receipts” to a dynamic shift in the way we communicate.

Learn the ins and outs of your planning and also what to write to ensure your thank yous sing in big and small ways.

About the Speaker:

Lynne Wester
Principal and Founder, Donor Relations Guru LLC

Lynne Wester strongly believes that donor relations is the key to unlocking fundraising success and that organizations must be as dedicated to the donor experience, or DX, as they are to the ask itself. Lynne and her teammates at the Donor Relations Guru Group partner with nonprofits large and small on a variety of initiatives from developing sound strategy and vision to utilizing technology and creating meaningful donor engagement – all designed to positively affect the fundraising bottom line. Her guidance has led her clients to be recognized on the national stage for fundraising innovation, creative communication, and groundbreaking donor relations work. The DRG website in a unique industry tool filled with resources, samples and thought leadership on donor relations and fundraising.

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