How Tree 4 Hope Increased Year-End Giving by 700% with Network for Good

How Tree 4 Hope Increased Year-End Giving by 700% with Network for Good

Established in 2005, Tree 4 Hope is an organization committed to providing brighter futures for children, elders, and their families throughout Guatemala’s underserved communities. After developing a personal relationship with individuals in these communities, founder David Hope-Tringali learned that the country’s greatest need is educational opportunities for girls. That lesson became Tree 4 Hope’s goal: to build a school for girls in Guatemala.

But like achieving any goal, there were challenges. Using spreadsheets and MailChimp for fundraising was time-consuming and did not allow them to create a consistent image and message. They knew there had to be a better way. Enter Network for Good’s simple, smart fundraising software.

Year-End Success Through Storytelling and Personalized Connections

Tree 4 Hope’s dedicated volunteer staff used the Year-End Engagement Plan, a series of pre-drafted, multichannel prompts embedded in Network for Good’s software, to carry out an effective year-end campaign. The campaign, which centered around four beneficiary stories, presented a clear picture of how far a small donation goes and helped people connect with the organization’s mission. The plan also included more frequent and personalized touchpoints through the Network for Good system that allowed David to stay in touch with his donors frequently while not needing to be constantly generating new messaging. The result? $40,000 in donations at year-end. This is 700% increase from the previous year! David says that success would not have been possible without Network for Good:

“I could never have done that on my own. The thing that impressed us the most was how many different angles to approach donors from.”

Saving Administrative Time and Advancing Mission

Previously, it would take David and his team 45 minutes to find a single donation record for a donor. With Network for Good, the team can do their entire list of tax letters in 30 minutes. To David, the time saved on administrative tasks is worth the investment in the Network for Good system:

“If I’m spending hours and hours writing tax letters, that’s not authentic relationship building…I could spend those hours with our people doing more hands-on stuff that I need to do here in Guatemala and then share all of that.”

Uncertainty Overcome by Support

Uncertainty in a new system is common at nonprofits, and David will tell you he was unsure about Network for Good at first. But he’ll also be the first to tell you that that his interactions with Network for Good are always positive and that the Network for Good team showed support of the organization’s mission.  Tree 4 Hope’s Network for Good salesperson even donated to their cause!

Real-Time Feedback = Donor Insights

Network for Good’s live donation feed allows David to see all donations that come through in real time. He monitors this feed and can immediately share his gratitude through an email, text message, or video. Responding quickly offers him the chance to ask donors what inspired their gifts and better understand when and why donors give.

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