The only fundraising software that guarantees your nonprofit's success.

Make 2022 your best fundraising year!

We guarantee you'll
raise more in your first
year or your money back.

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Your nonprofit's
success guaranteed.

We guarantee you'll
raise more in your first
year or your money back.

Terms and conditions apply

Time to Upgrade How You Manage Your Nonprofit Donors

Is a new or better fundraising software system the answer you’ve been looking for?

Complete this short-but-priceless checklist to find out.

You’re passionate about your organization’s mission and work hard fundraising for your cause. Whether fundraising is one of your many responsibilities or your sole focus; whether you raise money and cultivate donors as a staff member or a volunteer, you give it everything you’ve got.

But are you working with the right tools to set your organization up for fundraising success? A new—or better—fundraising software system may be just what you need.

Be honest with yourself:

Are challenges like these standing in your way of building strong, lasting donor relationships? You:

  • Have outdated or poorly-functioning fundraising software that can’t handle the number of donors you have and the range of data you need to harvest, keep, and use for each one of them.
  • Dread every Monday when you spend at least two hours manually entering donor information in your Google Docs spreadsheet. Ugh!
  • Can’t extract the easy-to-read and analyze reports your boss and board members keep asking for from your current fundraising software ”system,” much less in the quick turnaround they request. So now you’re worried about your job security.
  • Yearn to provide the personalized, segmented donor communications you know make a real difference in motivating gifts and loyalty, but there’s no way you can do so with the spreadsheets (your current fundraising software “system”) you rely on. They don’t translate into focused mailing lists and mail merge

The right fundraising software, used well, will erase the challenges listed above and empower you and your colleagues to engage and appreciate donors, so they stay close, involved, and giving. Your results will show the difference and prove the value of your software investment.

Assess your daily fundraising challenges with this quick-and-easy checklist to see if a first-time or better fundraising software is your key to more dollars and donors.

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