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We guarantee you'll
raise more in your first
year or your money back.

Terms and conditions apply

Keep Donor Outreach Strong Despite Nonprofit Fundraising Staff Turnover

We’ve all been through it. You’re going strong, connecting with donors, effective campaigns in place, and then…one of your fundraising team members leaves. Just like another one left nine months ago. Ugh!

Donors need consistency—we all do. It boosts instant recognition tenfold. So helps drive immediate recognition, sharing with friends and family, and, naturally, ups the potential for action (i.e. donations). But it’s hard to stay consistent when your fundraising team (frequently including volunteers) is turning over all the time.

Network for Good wants to provide you with some ways you can keep donor and prospect engagement consistent, despite the ebbs and flows of your fundraising team:

  1. Use reliable fundraising softwareFundraising software makes your information easy to search, analyze, and utilize with dashboards, reports, reminders, and mobile accessibility. Without it, your crucial donor relationship data can leave in a flash, leaving you empty (and your organization’s pockets too).
  2. Ensure you can track progress against goals, no matter who’s in the driver’s seat: One of the toughest things about fundraiser turnover is that the system in place typically goes with the employee or volunteer. With cloud-based fundraising software, all of your donor data is in one place, accessible and easy to analyze from anywhere—desktop, tablet or mobile device. You’ll never have this problem again.
  3. Automate donor communications to keep donors and prospects close, interested, and loyal: Doing this manually is horrific, a total time and energy drain that you can never perfect. But setting up your fundraising software to reach out to donors and prospects at timed intervals—with the message that’s right for each of them—that’s golden. You’ll see the results within a week.
  4. Future-proof your donor relationships: When a colleague leaves your organization you’ll know who, when, and what to say to each and every donor and prospect. That’s a guarantee you can’t say no to.

But here’s the thing—not just any fundraising software system will do the job for your organization. Great fundraising software, like Network for Good, stands out. It’s:

  • Designed specifically for nonprofit organizations like yours, so it’s good to use right off the shelf. No need to customize.
  • Easy to learn and use. The Network for Good solution is designed to be user-friendly with built-in guidance, so you can spend your time cultivating must-have donor relationships rather than figuring out the twists and turns of your fundraising software.
  • Works with what you’re already doing, integrating with existing donation pages, event software, and donor forms. No extra effort. No do-overs. A complete solution.
  • Supports you with help from real people, right there when you need them. Phew—Nothing like it. You’ll see!

Let us know how you do! We’re here to help.

Download Build a Case for Change, a step-by-step guide to getting decision-maker buy-in for the fundraising software you need to attract new donors, keep current donors close, and boost donations!

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