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We guarantee you'll
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year or your money back.

Terms and conditions apply

Launching and Sustaining a Planned Giving Program

Planned gifts can be transformational for your organization, but how do you get them and what do you need to set them up? Our team of experts will give you the knowledge and tools you need to make planned giving doable and scalable for nonprofits with growth in mind.

Join us as we share all the essentials you need to get started, including:

  • General overview of planned giving options
  • Smart techniques to identify your top planned giving prospects, beyond date of birth
  • How to set up and promote your planned giving program
  • How to make a planned giving ask Ideas for increased engagement and recognition

We’ll also walk through how you can track your planned giving donors and prospects in Network for Good’s smart and simple fundraising software.

About the Speakers:

Cindy Harris
Fundraising Coach, Network for Good

Since 1985, Cindy Harris has been a valued and results-focused leader with success in planned giving, strategic communications, and relationship management. Cindy currently manages nearly 40 NFG clients and has worked with 21 local Los Angeles nonprofit organizations during her career. By leveraging her experience and expertise, she’s able to increase donations, coordinate and deliver events, and manage all types of fundraising programs.

Tom Giddens
Personal Fundraising Coach, Network for Good

Tom is a Network for Good Personal Fundraising Coach who has served as the chief development officer of two institutions of higher education, an orchestra, the fifth largest performing arts center in the US and as the Director of Planned Giving at a major university. Currently he serves as the Planned Giving Advisor for a healthcare organization focused on research and the treatment of a common life threatening disease faced by patients throughout the world.

Liz Ragland
Customer Marketing Manager, Network for Good

Liz Ragland is the Customer Marketing Manager at Network for Good. Prior to joining Network for Good, Liz worked in communications, marketing, and development serving nonprofits in the arts, advocacy, and association spaces in Seattle, Oklahoma City, and Washington, DC.

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