Legacy Giving: Why It’s Essential, Now More Than Ever

Legacy Giving: Why It’s Essential, Now More Than Ever

You may have heard of legacy giving by many names – planned giving, deferred giving, estate giving, etc. Legacy giving can provide your donors with an opportunity to make an impact, while creating a sustainable source of revenue for your organization.

Join us as planned giving expert Lori Kranczer and Founder of Everyday Planned Giving dives into the importance, and relevancy of legacy giving, especially during this time. We’ll cover how to market your program and ask for gifts that promote donor values all while being sensitive to the current events.

About the Speaker:

Lori Kranczer
Founder, Everyday Planned Giving LLC

Lori partners with organizational leaders to customize planned giving programs that substantially and consistently support organizations far into the future. She has over 19 years of experience advising nonprofit organizations on conceptualizing and building planned giving programs, training volunteer leadership and staff, soliciting and closing significant planned giving arrangements, including those blended with major gifts, and working with donors, their families and advisors on structuring the appropriate gifts to meet their philanthropic and financial goals.

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