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Marketing School Is in Session with the Nonprofit Best Practices Workbook

Don’t think of yourself as a marketer? We beg to disagree.

Any nonprofit professional, board member, or volunteer who communicates with donors and supporters is a marketer. If you’re sharing your organization’s message and mission, that’s marketing! If you start to think of donor communications, fundraising, and marketing as one and the same, something awesome happens:

You become a better fundraiser.

Do you know what donors want? Studies show it’s content – more specifically, storytelling through consistent digital soundbites in multiple channels. Learning how to create content that your donors will want to read, engage with, and share will result in more successful fundraising.

You might think you don’t have the resources to invest in marketing. Smaller nonprofits, in particular, can’t out-shout the ads and requests coming at supporters from every direction. But you don’t need to hire a marketing agency to see success as a nonprofit. Using insights into human psychology and clues from your donor data, you can craft campaigns that capture attention and get supporters excited about your mission — and motivated to give.

Ready to get started with Marketing 101? Great, because class is starting!

Our newest free eGuide, “Nonprofit Marketing Best Practices Workbook,” is your syllabus to becoming a better nonprofit marketer.  

This workbook is set up in four parts that will walk you through the essentials of implementing a successful nonprofit marketing system that will attract, engage, and retain donors.

You’ll learn:

  1. how to set achievable goals that motivate your team
  2. how to choose marketing strategies and tactics to create your marketing plan
  3. how to craft stories that move supporters to action
  4. how to keep donors engaged over the long term

And each section includes worksheets that will help you immediately put what you learn into practice.

So grab your team and get to work, because learning the basics of content marketing and storytelling is going to be critical to meeting your fundraising goals at year-end and into 2020! Download the free guide here.

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