How to Mobilize Your Board & Actually Turn Them Into Active Fundraisers

How to Mobilize Your Board & Actually Turn Them Into Active Fundraisers

Your board members are more than just governance; they can be your most potent fundraising force. However, harnessing their potential requires addressing fears, eliminating barriers, and fostering a positive relationship with fundraising.

This webinar will guide you through training your board members to become active and effective fundraisers.

During this webinar, you’ll gain actionable insights on:

  • Delving deeper into fundraising fears: Understand the common fears and barriers surrounding fundraising. Learn techniques to shift the mindset of board members, alleviating fears and building enthusiasm for fundraising.
  • Introducing the storytelling framework: Discover the power of compelling narratives in fundraising. Learn how to present this storytelling framework to your board, emphasizing its critical role in engaging donors.
  • Identifying individual fundraising stories: Each board member has a unique voice and narrative that can be utilized for fundraising. We’ll guide you on how to help your board members find their unique fundraising stories and voices.
  • Setting personal and group goals: Explore how to work with each board member and the entire Board of Directors to identify individual and collective goals around fundraising engagement. Learn how to establish these goals as benchmarks for fundraising success.

This webinar is an opportunity for you to discover and apply practical strategies to engage your board members actively in fundraising. Register today to help your board members realize their potential as influential fundraisers!

Speaker: Mallory Erickson, creator of the Power Partners Formula™ and host of What the Fundraising


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