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Monthly Gifts Checklist

According to M+R’s Benchmarks Study for 2018, monthly giving revenue increased by 40 percent. A monthly, or recurring, gifts program builds a community of loyal, engaged donors; while simultaneously providing the regular income you can depend on.

Recurring gifts are also the best prevention against lapsed donors. Someone who commits to a regular gift to your organization is with you for the long haul.

By the Numbers

Follow this step-by-step checklist to keep your monthly donors connected and engaged.

  1. Customize your online giving page to reflect your monthly recurring gifts program.
  2. Make the giving process obvious, easy, and transparent.
  3. Feature your donate button prominently on your website and include a link in all of your online outreach.
  4. Provide the option to choose monthly giving in every ask, appeal, and campaign in order to help donors realize giving more is possible.
  5. Add impact labels to monthly giving levels to illustrate what a gift can do.
  6. Create a special membership program to foster a sense of belonging.
  7. Design a special thank you and stewardship program for monthly donors.
  8. Include updates on your monthly giving program in your annual report, newsletters, and on your organization’s website.
  9. Plan a dedicated monthly giving campaign to target donors who may be more likely to give on a monthly basis.
  10. Develop ways to upgrade monthly donors to new giving levels over time.
  11. Track your progress and measure which methods are most successful in creating new monthly donors.
  12. Share results, stories, and updates on the impact of your recurring donors.

Download our eGuide, “How To Enhance Your Donor Engagement,” for more on how to engage your donors.

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