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Monthly Giving in 5 Easy Steps

Monthly donors are some of your most loyal supporters. But keeping them engaged takes dedication and planning. Just like growing any garden, you have to cultivate your recurring donors in order to make your program sustainable.

Once you have established your monthly giving program, and one-time donors are upgrading to monthly recurring donors, your work stewarding those relationships begins. Treat them right, and they’ll also be your greatest advocates. Follow these five steps and who knows…you may even increase their giving in the process!

5 Steps to Grow Monthly Giving

1) Start Small

Every garden starts with a single seed. A small, monthly recurring gift can be an easy entry point for donors. A gift of $10 or $15 a month is easier for a donor to work into their budget than a one-time gift of $500.

This is a great opportunity to set up a specific donation page for monthly giving so you can set the predefined and default donation amounts a bit lower than your other donation page(s).

2) Make Regular Progress

To continue the gardening analogy, to make your seeds grow you need good soil, the right amount of sunlight, water, and time. Make it a habit to do something small every day to improve either the number or loyalty of your recurring donors. By nurturing your donors in this way, you’ll create a recurring gifts program that is more effective and successful over time.

3) Write Compelling Stories

The best way to build your recurring giving program is through storytelling. Paint a picture for your donors. Attach a tangible effect to the idea of giving every month. Show how much recurring gifts can help your organization accomplish. Give concrete examples that illustrate how these donations add up and what they could provide versus a one-time gift.

4) Simplify the Process

The increased popularity and convenience of auto-bill pay and direct deposit has made donors more comfortable with setting up a recurring donation. Online giving makes it easy for donors to make a monthly gift. Collecting monthly gifts online cuts down on your administrative efforts. When your donor chooses recurring giving, your online fundraising software should allow them to automatically give each month without returning to your page. Set up a dedicated online donation page focused on recurring options just for this campaign. Donors will think more seriously about becoming regular contributors.

5) Recognize and Thank Donors

Love makes the garden grow. Make your donors feel good about giving. Help them recognize they are part of something bigger than themselves. Naming your monthly giving program, creating a club, and offering simple perks can encourage donors to join. Post a weekly social media shout out of individual donors, give them first dibs on event tickets, or invite them to behind-the-scenes exclusive events.

Giving is highly personal. Make sure you understand what inspires your donors to give. Show them how much impact their gift has on your work, and you’ll see your recurring gifts program bloom in no time.

DownloadA Quick-Start Guide to Monthly Givingto implement an effective monthly giving program into your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts today.

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