9 Steps to Crafting a More Effective Email Appeal

9 Steps to Crafting a More Effective Email Appeal

Writing emails can be difficult. Writing emails that stand out in the sea of your donors’ inboxes is even harder, especially when you’re deep in the trenches of year-end!

That’s why it’s crucial to lean into the data to tell you what’s going to work better in your email appeals to bring in more donations this giving season and build lasting donor relationships.

In this webinar, you’ll learn 9 steps to craft a highly effective email appeal. The tactics you’ll learn include:

  • Choosing the right sender
  • Optimizing your email subject line & preview text
  • Structuring your donation appeal copy
  • Crafting a call-to-action to increase donation

About the speaker:

Nathan Hill, Vice President of Marketing at NextAfter

Nathan Hill Headshot

Having worked in both large and small nonprofits, Nathan Hill has seen the way that optimization can influence and transform the work of an organization in fundraising and beyond.

He believes that by sharing the learnings of NextAfter’s digital research library on a larger scale, nonprofits – no matter their budget or resources – can be equipped through the learnings of others to raise more names, donors, and dollars. And if they can grow names, donors, and dollars, they can grow their impact in the world.

Prior to joining NextAfter, Nathan managed the direct and outbound digital marketing for a major nonprofit involved in the broadcasting, higher education, and publishing industries. He oversaw enterprise marketing automation platforms, directed both creative and technical marketing communications staff, and developed multi-channel campaigns fundraising.





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