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Network for Good’s Commitment to Fighting Racial Inequality

Network for Good stands unequivocally in support of the protesters, activists, and community leaders fighting against racial injustice and inequality. We are a business created as a force for good, and we power good across the nation every day, but we believe we need to do more.

We believe that the burden of creating change shouldn’t rest on those who are oppressed. We all have a role to play in correcting longstanding racial inequalities in our communities. This week, we began the important work of listening, learning, and self-reflecting as a company. On a company-wide remote meeting, our leadership team created a space for employees to share their experiences and communicate their thoughts. One team member began by expressing the difficulty of explaining to his children the events occurring in our country. Another contributed resources for those trying to become better allies to people of color. Another shared his struggle as a black man whose father works in law enforcement. Difficult conversations like this enlighten us to experiences outside of our own and help us to develop empathy and paths of support and action. Listening is the first step.

Additionally, Network for Good commits to the following actions:

  1. To establish an Advisory Council composed of funders and nonprofit leaders of color to deploy support and funding where it is most needed.
  2. To use our platform and relationships with funders to explore how we can help under-resourced organizations led by people of color more equitably access our products and resources.
  3. To provide additional matching funds for all employee donations to racial justice causes.
  4. To retain an expert to conduct anti-racism and implicit bias training for Network for Good employees and to provide a counselor to all employees at no cost.
  5. To review our resources to learn how we can create space to better amplify the voices and experiences of black and non-black people of color within the nonprofit industry.

It’s time for us to be proactive in having difficult conversations and taking action. It’s always been our mission to help small nonprofits grow their good. Right now, that means doing our part to root out injustice and racism in our community. Network for Good stands in solidarity with the black community because black lives matteryesterday, today, tomorrow, and every day.

Bill Strathmann, CEO
Network for Good

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