New and Creative Storytelling Ideas for Your Organization

New and Creative Storytelling Ideas for Your Organization

What makes a great, impactful nonprofit story vs a so so one?

Theatre and film professionals tell stories about all kinds of things every day.  In this workshop, Piti Theatre Company’s Jonathan Mirin will give a behind-the-scenes look at how he crafts and delivers stories. Participants will practice telling the stories they most need to tell – whether its about their organizations, the issues they need their Board to pay attention to, or about their next fundraising campaign.

Jonathan has been sharing his actor/playwright toolkit with non-profit leaders to much acclaim since 2008 and it has produced amazing results!

Participant suggestion: attend this workshop in a location where you are comfortable practicing and even recording your stories – for example a home office or other undisturbed location. If you can attend with a colleague and practice together, even better! More @ https://ptco.org/training/organizations/workshops/ 

Speaker: Jonathan Mirin


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