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Network For Good Staff Profile: Courtney Jamokha

Passionate about mission-driven organizations, Courtney Jamokha enjoys helping customers develop successful initiatives. In her role at Network for Good, she sets new clients up for success by getting them started with the platform and connecting them to helpful resources.

“I appreciate having the ability to demonstrate my impact not only through numbers and graphs, but through a story as well.”

Q&A with Courney Jamokha, Customer Success Specialist

What do you do at Network for Good?

I am a member of the Welcome Team. I help new Network for Good customers get started with their new fundraising platform. My goal is to make sure our customers are set up for success early on and are connected to all the resources they need to succeed and feel confident using their Network for Good system.

What is your experience with nonprofit organizations?

Before Network for Good, I had worked exclusively with nonprofits, primarily in the education field connecting under-resourced students to STEM opportunities and preparing them for college admissions. I was drawn to Network for Good specifically because of the company’s mission to help nonprofits succeed. I felt like I could use and grow my existing skillset in a new capacity while still fulfilling my desire to support mission-driven initiatives.

What attracts you to nonprofits? 

Personally, I am more motivated by mission-driven goals than just profit-driven ones. Knowing that the work that I do is directly responsible for helping a bright student go to college, providing a family with food, or giving access to resources that may otherwise be unavailable to a person is what drives me. I appreciate having the ability to demonstrate my impact not only through numbers and graphs, but through a story as well.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I love that I can help small nonprofits confidently and effectively engage their donors and raise more money so they can carry out their missions. I am also happy that I can meet customers where they are, from the small team of volunteers who aren’t super tech savvy, to the organizations that are well built out and want to know how to fully maximize every feature the system offers. Both types of customers have the same goal, but I can tailor their experience to their specific needs and get them really excited about being a Network for Good customer.  Separately from my day-to-day responsibilities, NFG is a great place to work because it is a collaborative environment and suggestions for how we can grow and improve are constantly encouraged and considered so you don’t feel stuck or like you can’t push for changes that can benefit our customers.

What do you enjoy doing outside work? 

I have an 8-month old and just bought a house last year so most of my free time is devoted to family time with my husband and son or making updates and decorating around my house. We are kinds of parents who take our baby everywhere so whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or Home Depot, or a walk around Old Town’s waterfront or a museum, the baby is with us so it all counts as family time! As he gets older, we also do more kid-centered activities like trying out new playgrounds, soft baby gyms, or the swimming pools.

Lightning Round

Dream vacation? A Eurotrip, especially to Italy and Greece. I also cannot wait to take my son to Disney World! I’ve been to Disneyland but never Disney World so it’ll be exciting for us both.

Most recent book read? Fisher-Price “Good Morning, Sun”. I read it to my baby every morning.

Last movie seen in movie theater? Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Theme song? “Bring it All Back” by S Club 7

Favorite color? Pink, but red when I’m feeling extra bold.

All time favorite athlete? I don’t follow any sport really closely but I have so much admiration and respect for Serena Williams.

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