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We guarantee you'll
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No More Toggling Between Multiple Tools

No More Toggling Between Multiple Tools

The Iranian-American Community Center (IACC) raises an annual fundraising total of over $200,000, primarily through individual gifts. For eight years, they used multiple systems to record donations, track event RSVPs, and send email blasts and direct mail. Board members used personal email accounts to correspond with donors. Board member Bita Golshan Lotfi knew there was a better way.

With their big annual fundraising event around the corner, IACC consolidated their systems with Network for Good’s all-in-one fundraising software.

“This is a lot of money we were dealing with and you can’t use Google Docs for everything. I wanted a nice, organized system where we could manage and track everyone.”

In two short months, they created multiple campaigns and have plans for more. Streamlining multiple systems into one cuts back on the time and effort required to do necessary administrative work. Which frees them up to fundraise!

Accessible Data

Now all interaction with donors is tracked in one location. Since the system automatically updates, Bita can stay current on what campaigns have gone out, what donations have come in, and when acknowledgments have been sent. Now anyone on the IACC team can see recent gifts and quickly go to an email acknowledgment template, edit it, and send it off. They can also track who opens those or not, so they know how to follow up. Even sending annual tax forms has become streamlined and automatic.

“It’s so nice to go to our dashboard and see what’s going on, what people have done, and what things people need to do. That’s the best part about it.”

Better Campaigns

The quality and quantity of IACC’s campaigns have improved since incorporating Network for Good’s fundraising software. Tracking each interaction with donors has given IACC the ability to create deeper relationships. Everything from individual campaigns to their annual fundraising event has seen a boost. These easy-to-create, agile campaigns are freeing the organization up to pursue grant applications on top of their individual fundraising, which will help strengthen the community the IACC serves.

“As a community center we do a lot of outreach and events. We need to be able to reach out quickly and properly to our community. Since switching to Network for Good, we’ve already created multiple campaigns and plan to do more.”

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Having access to tutorials and other resources at her fingertips has improved Bita’s skill at executing campaigns, tracking results, and fundraising. Even those on the team who aren’t as tech-savvy as Bita have started using the system, and grow more and more comfortable every day. Due to the intuitive system and Network for Good’s accessible customer support, IACC sent over a dozen emails to donors in their first two months and started tracking pledges in the system.

“The Knowledge Base has been very helpful; particularly the video tutorials. I’ve watched videos on how to create campaigns and how to use the dashboard. Customer support even sent me a personal video to walk me through instructions.”

“In fundraising, time is money. Being able to quickly incorporate a donor management system into your work allows you to spend time on what’s truly important—meeting and cultivating your donors. Network for Good’s intuitive software, accessible customer support, and online training and resources will have you managing fundraising campaigns in no time!”

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