Mini Virtual Conference: No Nonprofit Left Behind

Mini Virtual Conference: No Nonprofit Left Behind

How Small Organizations Can Capitalize on New Trends in Fundraising

As the world changes, fundraising changes. You need to be equipped to not only weather what’s happening in fundraising with new forms of communicating and giving, but also leap beyond your norm.

Larger nonprofits are seeing great success from investing in mindfulness (for their staff, partners, and constituents), crypto giving, refreshing their impact statements, and new stewardship tactics. So how can your small nonprofit take advantage of some of these innovations without having to grow your teams or divert a huge portion of your hard-earn fundraising dollars? Join this mini conference to find out!

Session schedule:

Session 1 (recording start time – 0:59) – Mindfulness for Nonprofit Professionals: How to Conquer Pandemic Stress

Session 2 (recording start time – 36:08) – Getting Your Nonprofit On Board with Crypto Giving

Session 3 (recording start time – 1:10:31) – How to Create a One-Sentence Message That Moves People to Donate

Session 4 (recording start time – 1:46:24) – Small Shop Stewardship Strategies That Give You Time Back in Your Day

We hope you enjoyed these sessions! Please leave us feedback on the conference and content here so that we can better your future experiences.


Meico Marquette Whitlock, Founder & CEO of Mindful Techie

Tina Roh, Co-Founder & COO of Every.org

Rachel Bearbower, Owner & CEO of Small Shop Strategies

Cherian Koshy, Professional Fundraising Coach of Network for Good


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