Why Your Nonprofit Brand is More than a Logo

Your nonprofit brand represents your core purpose and why it matters to your community and your donors. Brands can be a trigger for emotions and actions, and individual giving is born from these two elements.

Your nonprofit brand is more than a logo:  it’s a carefully planned experience. When it comes to fundraising, it’s critically important that your donors’ experience should match the message you send.

The experience isn’t a one-time thing:  it’s about consistency, repetition, and pervasiveness. Does your message and the feeling it evokes stay intact when donors move from one step to the next? When there is a disconnect, donors are less likely to take action or complete their gift. Network for Good’s Digital Giving Index shows that donors give higher average gift amounts when the giving experience happens on a branded donation page that matches a nonprofit’s design and message.

Your brand’s visual elements (such as logos, colors, images) and key messaging (tagline, boilerplate, story) should be consistent for your organization or campaign across channels, including your nonprofit website, donation page, email marketing, social media, and direct mail. Advertising and PR efforts should also reinforce your brand, and your staff, volunteers, and board members should understand your message to be more effective spokespeople for your cause.

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