Nonprofit Leader Series: Meghan Walsh of Roots Ethiopia

Why reinvent the fundraising wheel when you can borrow ideas from your nonprofit peers?

Join us for a virtual conversation with Meghan Walsh, Founder and Board Chair of Roots Ethiopia. Roots Ethiopia partners with communities in Ethiopia to turn local ideas into lasting change. They work together to improve schools, educate children, enable livelihoods, and include everyone. These are community priorities, so they’re Roots Ethiopia’s priorities.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss all things nonprofit-related, the Roots Ethiopia story, what a nonprofit founder’s day looks like, fundraising technology, what being a “connector” means, and more!

About the Speaker:

Meghan Walsh
Founder & Board Chair, Roots Ethiopia

Meghan is a cultural anthropologist who holds a teaching degree. A former social studies teacher in Madison, WI area high schools for over a decade, her experiences in the classroom emphasized social and racial justice, anthropology, and the diverse and rich cultural practices of our world. Meghan is a strong advocate for social justice and has been instrumental in pioneering high school curriculum focused on identifying and dismantling prejudices and engaging student curiosity about cultures around the globe. Meghan’s work in social justice now focuses her energy on Roots Ethiopia. Meghan sees herself as a “connector” who works well on the grassroots level, bringing people’s compassionate care for global issues into action.

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